Maandag, 17 juni 2019

Een opvallende website binnen YouTube is die van Jam in the Van. Artiesten of groepen treden op in een goed geoutilleerde bus.

Een van die groepen was de Artisanals, onder leiding van Johnny Delaware. Op de website is te lezen:

“Johnny Delaware grew up in a small South Dakota town surrounded by cornfields and dirt roads. For 19 years, he lived in a wide-eyed perspective baptized in the setting of a John Mellencamp song. In order to personally evolve and carry out his musical destiny, Delaware knew that the heartland wind would have to blow him around the country; and he remains something of a nomad today. In college, he found himself skipping class to write and record music and eventually dropped out to pursue music full-time. Nashville was the first stop on this journey (as it is for many others) but after only a month in the Music City, he was disillusioned with the dog-eat-dog industry-types and relocated to Albuquerque, NM.

Living in a trailer house, Delaware would eventually set his sights on Austin, TX, where he met Luke Mitchell (The High Divers) from Charleston. The two hit it off and Delaware felt a calling to join the budding music scene in the coastal Carolina town. The transition wasn’t easy since he was living paycheck-to-paycheck in Austin and had no money to finance another move. Ultimately, divine intervention struck when a thunderstorm came through Austin - a tree fell on his car, and he was able to file an insurance claim and use the lump sum to move to Charleston. He recalls it was “the only tree that fell down in the whole goddamn city”.

Artisanals, Country Road Town, april 2019

 2019 06 17 Artisinals